A Holistic Approach to Application Monitoring

Taking a proactive, transformational approach to observability can transform your organization to one that leads proactive value conversations rather than responds to events.

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Our Approach to Observability

Businesses today hinge on the seamless functioning of their applications, making comprehensive observability essential to uphold technology stack health and ensure peak performance.

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Observability Assessments

Evolving Solutions’ Observability Assessments deliver the information that your organization need to make decisions that enable innovation and support business development.

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Our Observability Approach

We help empower you with rich, actionable data to support modernization of development practices, operations, and application platforms, while maintaining core systems.

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A proactive approach to Observability

When IT is centered around process automation, the goal of monitoring is to provide the insights that optimize workflows and create business value. These are actions you can take to implement for a proactive approach to observability:

  1. Institute a workflow-focused monitoring approach
  2. Create plans to seek insights into process performance, not just component performance
  3. Organize cross functional teams and processes to enable the foundation of success
  4. Develop KPIs based on business outcomes and end user experience requirements
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How the Center of Excellence Model Makes a Difference

At Evolving Solutions, we work under a workflow model we call the Center of Excellence (COE). The COE is agile like a project group, but stakeholders take on perpetual responsibilities in the organization. This team initiates the conversations that increase the value of your brand-defining workflows. Discover how we can put this model to work in your organization.

Strong Partner Relationships

We believe in maintaining strong partner relationships to ensure we can offer the best services to our clients, no matter their needs. We don’t believe in trying to fit a partner into your operation who doesn’t belong there. Check out our partners page to see a list of the key partnerships we support.

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