Meet the Demands of Modern Networks with IBM SevOne Network Performance Management

Today’s modern network looks quite different. Network complexity fueled by remote workers, highly distributed environments, mobile users, and IoT devices is driving enterprises to transform to meet current demands. Additionally, due to the pandemic, many more businesses are turning toward hybrid cloud services to offer flexibility and agility to deliver better solutions for end-users.

Our goal is to touch on some of the obstacles network managers and IT teams must overcome in modern network management, as well as the solutions to keep things running at peak performance levels.

Accelerated Drive for Digital Transformation Fuels Network Complexity

Over the past few years, new technology and digital transformation have paved the way for microservices architectures to deliver unique, streamlined services for enterprises. In fact, according to IDC, by 2022, approximately 90% of all apps utilized a microservices architecture to improve the ability to design, debug, update, and leverage third-party code, and 35% of all production apps moved to cloud-native solutions.

In addition, there have been large-scale shifts in how users access technology. More diverse methods are involved now than ever, and remote work, highly distributed environments, IoT devices, multi-cloud architectures, and multi-modal networks have forced the need for innovative solutions, such as software-defined networks and WANs to support connectivity.

Network Complexity Leads to Nightmare Performance Challenges

Troubleshooting network performance issues have always been challenging, but it often just required finding the hardware causing the issue or the source responsible for network congestion. Today’s software-defined networks pose a much broader range of difficulties. Not only are both physical and virtual devices commonly used, but the range of applications, large data sets, multi-modal networks, and the lack of application-aware context have compounded modern networking difficulties.

The increasing problems in diagnosing network issues if one is not prepared can result in drastic effects on your enterprise, including costly downtime, the loss of revenue and productivity, user issues, service outages, and more. There’s also a learning curve for modern networking that many IT teams need to overcome and a lack of understanding of today’s cutting-edge tools and technology.

For example, a computer manufacturer running a Just-In-Time (JIT) assembly process will have multiple networks to segregate administrative traffic from equipment sensors and IOT devices. They also likely have sensors and devices placed at some of their key suppliers’ facilities and in their distributors’ vehicles. All the data comes from multiple networks, from traditional LANs, 5G networks connected to some of the IOT systems, mobile connections from vehicles, and potentially cloud data.

To manage this effectively requires a Software Defined Network (SDN), but a failure of any device in the network could be difficult to locate and troubleshoot. Finding the source of an outage or performance problem could take hours to analyze.  The impact can be significant as the business could grind to a halt, affecting orders, customers, and downstream stakeholders.

Modern Network Problems Demand Modern Network Performance Monitoring

Our team of experts at Evolving Solutions have more than 50 years of combined experience managing virtualized networks. This gives us an understanding of performance management needs, the tools that can help to address complex modern network challenges and the need for a comprehensive process transformation.

The IBM SevOne Network Performance Management solution allows enterprises to collect in-depth data from any network service, application, or device. It also works across SDN, SD-WAN, WIFI, 5G, and multi-cloud solutions. The platform provides valuable tools to manage network performance issues in real-time, including advanced analytics and visualizations, in addition to dynamic capacity planning solutions for short and long-term forecasting.

IBM SevOne goes one step further than today’s other modern network performance and management platforms by employing the use of AIOps integration, employing IBM’s Watson for intelligent computing. This enables it to spot anomalies and patterns in data that are frequently overlooked, preventing issues before they snowball out of control. IBM SevOne is also user-friendly, providing insights designed for sharing across IT departments and any level of your organization.

It features:

  • Simple Troubleshooting Workflows: SevOne’s interactive and intuitive reporting helps boost productivity and efficiency in your IT department. Network operators can follow pre-built step-by-step guides that help them troubleshoot common problems in complex networks, resolving issues faster.
  • Scalable Solutions: The platform is designed to grow as needed, allowing stakeholders to monitor any managed services provider network, enterprise, or communication processes without dropping data when your company grows.
  • ITSM Integration: To close the loop between insight and action, SevOne provides easy IT service management integration so you can solve problems as soon as they arise. Also, the service can provide upstream information to broader system-wide observability and performance management solutions to enable complete end-user experience optimization.
  • Advanced Analytics: Employing machine learning, IBM SevOne can provide your enterprise with the most up-to-date, advanced analytics. Using automatic baselining and intelligent alerts gives IT teams a proactive solution for incident management. With Watson AI, predictive modeling can alert operators to problems before users notice them.
  • Comprehensive Oversight: SevOne uses LiveMaps to give network managers a clear overview of the source of all significant network issues occurring in real time, no matter where they’re located.
Evolving Solutions Role in Modernizing Network Performance Management

Evolving your network management approach is highly beneficial; however, a project of this scope requires an internal mind shift in terms of monitoring approaches and monitoring software’s role in those processes. Without experience, businesses can struggle to gain the value they need from modern NPM software. Many of these projects require integration with downstream devices, and upstream management systems, which most businesses don’t frequently do. That’s where Evolving Solutions comes in. With our extensive experience with optimizing complex network performance, we can help guide you to the right systems and processes that meet your unique needs. Let’s talk.


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