Networking to Support Transformation

Your network is the critical connector between applications and end users. Those users are constantly changing modes of access based on how their business is accomplished: they may work at the office, from home, or in a public place, all while utilizing a variety of devices, from corporate PCs to personal mobile devices.

Networking must be dynamic, flexible, and secure to enable the connectivity required to support your organization’s digital transformation.

What sets our Modern Networking approach apart?

CTO Michael Downs and Modern Networking Practice Director Tony Peters explain what sets our approach apart.
Traditional network security models rely on the priciple of trusted and untrusted networks. With current user mobility and multi-cloud architectures, this model is no longer assured. Zero Trust eliminates the idea of trust from an organizations network. By default, it assumes a breach is always ongoing. With over 23,000 vulnerablilities detected during 2020, it would be prudent for an organization to adopt this approach."
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Working Together to Achieve Network Flexibility

Network teams should focus on enabling agility within their organization’s network and collaborate with their DevOps and cloud peers to unlock the power of modern APIs in SDN networks. This is how true flexibility is achieved.

Leverage our expertise to assist your team. Our technical bench is lifted with nationally recognized networking talent with broad expertise in campus networking, application and cloud infrastructures, containers, virtualization, identity management, and security.

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Actions for deploying an effective strategy

Deploying a modern networking strategy is an all-encompassing journey. Here are a few steps to get you started:

  • Develop a software-defined network adoption roadmap to support multicloud solutions.
  • Assess your existing network and end-user security posture and policies to evaluate their effectiveness in a multicloud environment.
  • Prioritize API-driven software-defined capabilities when  considering new infrastructure solutions and implement those capabilities gradually in support of initiatives.
  • Consider business benefits, long-term cost savings and cost differences compared to what a traditional network might have looked like when evaluating and advocating for your modern networking plan.
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