The Anatomy of Modern Operations

Modern Operations encompasses the processes, skills, and tools needed to effectively manage hybrid cloud environments, including the public cloud, cloud-native services inside your data center, and your traditional IT estate.

Key Components of Modern Operations

Modern Operations consists of six key components that create the foundation for reliable, resilient, and high-performance operations, comprehensively integrated with a holistic security approach.

Platforms and Systems

Business applications run on platforms such as onpremise data centers, the public cloud, and container environments. Platforms must be optimized for the workloads running on them.


The network is the backbone of Modern Operations and handles the connectivity associated with assets that are distributed across multiple locations.

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Pipelines and Automation

In the Modern Operations environment, the work gets done through automation and pipelines. Automated pipelines deploy infrastructure and operational code and use APIs to automate integrations.

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Observability helps make Modern Operations successful by delivering insights into the behavior of systems and applications, and the experience of end users, not just events.

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Data Availability and Protection

Data availability and protection is about using automation to ensure the right data is available to the right services and ensuring that operations teams can quickly recover from a loss of data, including the flexibility to shift workloads to different environments.

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While many organizations focus on tools or compliance to drive security strategies and tactics, effective security requires a more holistic approach that includes integrating security tools to take full advantage of their capabilities.

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