Why Pipelines & Automation?

A pipelines and automation strategy can help your business gain key advantages that help your organization streamline software delivery as well as realize cost savings and operational enhancements. Although technical in nature, an automated pipeline strategy is more about helping your business achieve its goals and objectives, than it is about technology.

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How Can We Help?

Our clients have looked to our expertise for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Assisting in understanding all steps in the automation process in detail, including all conditional possibilities and exceptions
  • Developing more complex automations across a variety of platforms
  • Recommending tools that support the individual needs of each platform and technologies
  • Developing and recommending a strategy going forward for automating incident resolution

Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD)

As consumers, we experience continuous integration and development every day; many times, without even realizing. The apps we use and the websites we surf have little updates that make our experience just a little easier or more efficient. As technologists, the same can be done to improve both internal applications and those used by our clients.

Taking a Continuous Integration/Continuous Development approach is not something that can or should be done without changes to processes, tools, and platforms. We help our clients navigate the changes needed to get started, test, and go beyond automation. We work with development and operational teams to collaborate on technologies, practices, and priorities, then develop consensus on the right approaches for their business and tools.

Partnering to Meet Your Needs

In many IT environments, so much time and energy is spent on solving the same issues and tasks time and time again. And, the key to scaling IT environments is through automation, making repetitive tasks almost obsolete over time. Also referred to as Closed-Loop Incident Process (CLIP), Automated Incident Resolution automates repetitive diagnostic and resolutions in network and IT operations through custom scripting.

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We believe in maintaining strong partner relationships to ensure we can offer the best services to our clients, no matter their needs. We don’t believe in trying to fit a partner into your operation who doesn’t belong there. Check out our partners page to see a list of the key partnerships we support.

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