Calendar of Events

Evolving Solutions and our partners provide a wide range of in-person and virtual events each month. We invite you to join us as your schedule allows.

Apr 5
One True Zero Live: Minneapolis
11:30 am (CDT)

It might seem impossible to achieve a zero trust architecture that’s seamless, secure, and cost-effective. It’s not. Join Zscaler as they separate zero trust fact from fiction. You'll discover lessons your peers have learned in achieving the promise of a true zero trust platform, and walk away with practical insights you can share with your

Apr 26
Gateway to Innovation Conference
7:00 am (CDT)

The Gateway to Innovation Conference is the region’s premier single-day event designed for the IT executive community. Maintaining a competitive edge with innovative IT is critical for companies and organizations of all sizes as we all are tasked to do more with less. The annual Gateway to Innovation Conference provides a unique opportunity for our

Apr 26
Evolving Solutions & Zscaler Zero Trust Webinar
1:30 pm (CDT)

Zero Trust is based on the principle that no entity - user, ­device, or application - should be inherently trusted. Instead, access is granted using identity and business policy, and it changes based on context. By removing access and security from the constructs of the network, zero trust reduces complexity and increases security. No wonder

May 8May 11
IBM Think 2023
5:30 pm (CDT)

IBM Think 2023 will bring together senior business and technology leaders from across industries for two and a half days of exploration, discussion, and innovation. Advance your business imperatives with cutting-edge technology and expertise.  Conference themes: Speed and scale with open hybrid cloud Quality and efficiency with AI automation Agility and security with resilient infrastructure

May 17
Do Hybrid Cloud Right with NetApp & Evolving Solutions
4:00 pm (CDT)

It has never been more important to have a hybrid cloud strategy that delivers on its promise. A strategy that combines the strengths of your existing technology investments while leveraging the value of the cloud, including faster, more dynamic delivery of services and frictionless data movement. The key is the right partner and simple, flexible,

May 23May 25
Red Hat Summit
8:00 am (EDT)

Be the architect of your technology journey. The landscape of IT is constantly evolving and it's on all of us to know what's happening now and help shape what's coming next. Join us at Red Hat Summit, May 23-25, in Boston, to try new features and explore the future of open source, hybrid cloud, and