Enhancing AI with Automation: A Synergistic Approach

Algorithms are the backbone of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They enable AI function by providing a set of rules and instructions for processing data, learning from it, and making decisions or predictions. These algorithms analyze large datasets, identify patterns, and apply these insights to solve problems or perform tasks. Essentially, algorithms empower AI to simulate human intelligence, ranging from basic decision-making to complex problem solving and prediction, making AI applications possible in various fields.

Without Execution, Algorithms Fall Short

Those who work in IT operations are familiar with algorithm enabled monitoring tools that send popups that say you need to do X because 50% of your bandwidth is being utilized or one of your mission critical data servers is maxing out its CPU capacity. Algorithms are good at telling you that something needs to be done. These insights or recommendations concerning all these X events can be incredibly valuable for decision making. However, if these directives require manual implementation, response times will most likely prove inefficient. In the fast-paced realm of IT operations, delays can lead to missed opportunities for preemptive action, allowing minor issues to escalate into major problems, or security breaches to spread unchecked.

This is where automation comes into play. Automation acts as the execution arm of AI that can immediately act on its generated insights. The relationship between AI and automation can be likened to that of the human brain and the nervous system. In this analogy, the human brain, representing AI, makes decisions, processes emotions, and harbors intelligence. However, without the nervous system (analogous to automation), the brain’s decisions couldn’t be effectively executed. That is because the nervous system automatically manages the transmission of signals between the brain and the rest of the body. Together, they enable coordinated, intelligent responses to the environment.

Automation Brings Synergy to AI

Let’s not diminish the amazing things that AI can do. AI by itself can accomplish remarkable things, but it is when AI is integrated with automation that the real magic happens. AI delineates the “what” and “when,” while automation efficiently orchestrates the “how,” thereby converting AI-driven strategies into tangible outcomes that enhance efficiency, integrity, and security. Infusing your IT environment with AI might seem like a leap forward, but without integrating automation to act on AI’s insights, the potential benefits remain untapped. Essentially, automation acts as a catalyst, transforming AI’s theoretical advantages into practical, actionable outcomes. In this context, automation is not just an enhancement but a fundamental component of leveraging AI effectively.

It’s the synergy of their combination that is revolutionizing business operations, with AI providing the adaptive intelligence to forecast future trends and automation, ensuring those predictions result in immediate, seamless process adjustments. Together, they empower IT operations teams to swiftly modify operational protocols to ensure the achievement of business objectives through a dynamic, intelligent framework.

A Little Automation Goes a Long Way

While AI captivates with its promise of intelligence and adaptability, the real transformation in operational efficiency often begins with the implementation of automation. For many organizations, even modest automation efforts can significantly uplift operational productivity. A little automation offers a lot of empowerment, allowing it to increase the efficiency of your operations considerably. Of course, automation will only take you so far and that is where AI enters the picture. Together, they offer not just incremental, but exponential improvements in productivity and cost efficiency, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in operational excellence.

Evolving Solutions

Evolving Solutions’ experience in automation serves as the cornerstone of our approach to empower clients with the right solution for every task. If you would like to learn how automation can give you that uplift you have been seeking, or if you are looking for automation to pave the way for an AI-enabled enterprise, our team of experts can work with you throughout the process. It is just one more way we help our clients in transform to a future-ready modern operations environment.

Michael Downs

Chief Technology Officer

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer at Evolving Solutions and joined the company in 2014. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn here.

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