AI for Modern Operations

Operations is a logical place for AI to flourish and take hold. Organizations have plenty of structured and semi-structured data available in predictable formats that can be fed to an AI to perform inference to make recommendations, deliver insights, or ease burdens for IT operations teams.

The visionary goal of AI for IT operations is fully autonomous operations. Theoretically, you could deploy an application, and your AI could put it on the right infrastructure and environment to optimize performance and cost, while always complying with security standards. But we have a long way to go to get there.

In the meantime, operations professionals have many AI tools available to tame growing complexity and help them work smarter, not harder. In this e-book, we’ll highlight some of the practical applications for AI in Modern Operations today and hint at what we can expect in the near future.

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Michael Downs

Chief Technology Officer

Michael is the Chief Technology Officer at Evolving Solutions and joined the company in 2014. Connect with Michael on LinkedIn here.

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AI in IT Operations: A Balancing Act

At Evolving Solutions, our lens is squarely focused on AI’s influence on IT operations, and we agree the transformative impact of AI in this domain will prove substantial. We have an advantage over many companies in that we have assisted a broad range of enterprises over the years and witnessed firsthand how AI is being utilized. We are also focused on understanding the potential opportunities and challenges that this technology brings to IT environments. As with any innovation, AI presents a mix of benefits and challenges, and I’ve delineated our insights into this transformational technology and its most significant impact on IT operations.

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