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According to Forrester Research, the global public cloud market will hit $178 billion in 2018, up from $146 billion in 2017. Forrester also predicts that enterprise public cloud adoption will be above 50% for the first time. Sounds like a busy year!  Today let’s look at an article by Clint Boulton on CIO that reviews the trends driving this cloud growth and the current landscape for CIOs and IT leaders.

Trends driving cloud growth

Cloud computing has become essential for enterprise modernization and agility.  Cloud computing is helping more and more organizations improve systems and response times.  The use of a multi-cloud strategy has developed and is growing.  Mr. Boulton points out in his article that CIOs are “hedging their bets” more often and placing applications in more than just one cloud service provider. Plus, industry leaders expect an increased focus on disaster recovery both on-premise and in the cloud.  This focus will fuel more cloud use to ensure data and application safety.

Current cloud landscape

So what are CIOs and IT leaders facing as cloud growth continues?  With utilizing a multi-cloud strategy being a key growth driver a number of complications arise. First, cost containment and management. Multi-cloud use can also add to the complexity of managing costs and vendors.  IT leaders in 2018 will be honing in their management skills.  IT leaders also need to ensure they have comprehensive security practices in place to ensure that data and applications are secure where ever they reside and that there are clear lines drawn between who does what between IT and vendors. Finally, Mr. Boulton points out that more cloud use is also creating a culture change in IT. With increased speed and agility comes the need to learn new skills and set in place new processes.

Where is your organization at in your cloud journey?  What trends are you experiencing?  Our team can help you explore and implement a multi-cloud strategy. Contact us today.

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