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Cloud is not a place. Cloud is a set of disciplines. For us, this is more than just a mantra; it is how we work. A cloud-like approach allows users to connect to and access an application instantly from anywhere. The user experience is seamless, regardless of the application’s underlying resources. Adopting disciplines like containerization, DevOps, Infrastructure as Code, flexible consumption models, etc., provides the adaptability, resilience, and flexibility needed to survive, compete, and grow in an unpredictable world.

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Cloud Integration

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Cloud Integration

By 2024, 25% of Organizations will improve business agility by integrating edge data with application built on cloud platforms, enabled by partnerships across cloud and communications service providers."
IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Cloud 2021 Predictions, 2020

Our Hybrid Cloud Framework

At Evolving Solutions, we believe in a holistic approach to hybrid cloud. We approach every client as a cohesive team with deep expertise in IT infrastructure, application development, workload management, security, and more. By approaching hybrid cloud as a set of unique disciplines, we can help your organization develop an agile and stable network that is ready to address business needs.

Actions for an effective Hybrid Cloud strategy

There is not a one-size-fits-all hybrid cloud strategy. Instead, you must examine your organization’s business needs and goals closely to create a strategy that works best for you. However, there are some immediate steps you can follow while working to develop an effective hybrid cloud strategy:

  1. Ensure the five defining cloud disciplines are in place and develop a plan to implement any that are missing or deficient
  2. Map each discipline to the unique value provided to your business
  3. Create a plan to consistently maintain your cloud security strategy
  4. Align cloud services cost structure to your business impact and value to ensure the best outcomes


We believe in maintaining strong partner relationships to ensure we can offer the best services to our clients, no matter their needs. We don’t believe in trying to fit a partner into your operation who doesn’t belong there. Check out our partners page to see a list of the key partnerships we support.

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