Navigating Hybrid Cloud Complexity

Consider the hassle of having different TVs in each room of your home, each requiring its own unique remote. This scenario often leads to the frustration of endlessly searching for the right remote or struggling to remember each one’s specific functions. This is where the appeal of a universal remote comes in. It simplifies life by providing one tool to control every TV in the house, eliminating the annoyance of juggling multiple remotes and adapting to various interfaces. A universal remote brings ease and efficiency, allowing seamless control over all your entertainment devices from a single, user-friendly interface.

A Hybrid Universal Remote

The analogy of a “Universal Remote” aptly describes the complexities and the solution needed for managing hybrid cloud architectures in today’s enterprises. In this context, organizations are seen as conglomerates of various computing environments, including data centers, edge locations, and both public and private clouds. The variety of these environments brings a flexibility that allows organizations to host resources in the most optimal setting since not all cloud environments are alike. However, this variety also introduces complexity due to the differing management interfaces across these environments.

Addressing this complexity calls for a solution akin to a “universal remote” for cloud management. This “universal remote” would act as a centralized management platform, simplifying the oversight and operation of multi-cloud and hybrid environments and reducing the complexity involved in handling multiple systems.

Nutanix Unified Multi Cloud Management

Managing multiple cloud environments presents unique challenges, far surpassing the complexity of juggling multiple TV remotes. Clouds are dynamic ecosystems, continually evolving in both structure and interface. Nutanix Unified Multi Cloud Management steps in as a comprehensive solution, designed to streamline and simplify the management of diverse cloud operating models.

This single platform enables you to handle a broad spectrum of tasks across your hybrid and multi cloud environments. It’s not just a matter of accommodating various clouds; it also empowers you with choice and flexibility in your cloud strategy:

  • Your Choice of Hypervisor Including Nutanix AHV or VMware ESXi
  • Your Choice of Hardware as a Cloud Platform for HCI Including HPE, Lenovo, Fujitsu, Inspur, Dell EMC, Cisco, and Nutanix
  • Your Choice of Public Clouds and Services Providers Including AWS and Microsoft Azure

Whether your applications reside on a virtual server or within a Kubernetes container, the Nutanix platform can accommodate and manage them. Nutanix Unified Multi Cloud Management enables the deployment, scaling, and management of applications and workloads, allowing for seamless operations across different cloud infrastructures​.

Simplifying the Complex

We all like to learn new things, but learning new management interfaces for every cloud provider can indeed be a daunting and unwelcome challenge. The Nutanix multi-cloud platform addresses this by offering a ‘learn once, apply everywhere’ approach. This means once you’re familiar with the Nutanix interface, you won’t have to navigate the learning curves of different cloud providers’ management tools.

Imagine the convenience of migrating an application to any cloud with just a single click. Nutanix eliminates the need for intricate dependency mapping and complex re-architecting processes. You get a unified application management solution, enabling you to track and manage your applications across different clouds with ease.

Nutanix simplifies the management of virtual machines within the hybrid environment as well. Whether it’s spinning them up, shutting them down, updating them, or migrating them around your different clouds, Nutanix streamlines these processes. Its capabilities extend from VMware environments to Nutanix and vice versa, offering a flexible approach to VM management. This versatility in managing and migrating VMs across your multi-cloud environment is a key benefit, leading to smoother transitions and more efficient management of cloud resources. Nutanix provides a unified platform that simplifies these complex operations, enhancing your cloud resource management efficiency.

The Cost Benefits

Enhanced simplicity and improved flexibility can also translate into reduced costs. Nutanix Unified Multi Cloud Management can lower operational costs in several ways.

  • It can automate routine tasks, increase efficiency and reduce the time and effort required for cloud management.
  • It provides tools for monitoring and optimizing the use of your cloud resources to avoid overprovisioning.
  • It reduces the need for specialized skills, tools and training for each cloud provider.
  • It provides cost governance features that offer clear visibility into your cloud spending to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenses and ensure that expenditures are aligned with business objectives.

Nutanix can boost your organization’s cloud investment returns through optimized performance, flexibility and scalability. This leads to better ROI as businesses can leverage high-performing and scalable cloud resources without incurring unnecessary costs.

How Evolving Solutions Can Help

Evolving Solutions is here to accelerate your journey with Nutanix’s powerful platform to help you drive value from your investment as quickly as possible. At Evolving Solutions, we have been working with the cloud since its beginning and we understand how to properly leverage each area of your hybrid enterprise. Get in touch with us to discover how Nutanix Unified Multi Cloud Management can streamline your enterprise operations today.

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