Manage Integrations Using the Power of AI Processes

How IBM Cloud Pak for Integration helps you get more value from your applications.

In the modern business landscape, agility and adaptability are necessary to respond to opportunities and threats in an unpredictable world. Achieving digital transformation, which requires you to connect all your data and applications, helps you quickly respond. However, many traditional approaches to integration are slow to implement, labor-intensive, and require highly skilled staff. The process can cost you valuable time, money, and employee resources.

Enter IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, an AI-powered, hybrid platform that simplifies integration between applications and processes while providing a central location for integration. Simply put, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration acts as the middleman between applications using well-established integration techniques like message queue, message busser, and RESTful APIs. It provides a single, unified experience and uses real-world operational data to continuously improve integrations, helping you accelerate work while adhering to security and compliance policies.

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Use Cases

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration can be used for several use cases. Let us explain.

Integrate efficiently with existing applications

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration helps you easily connect existing applications and data, unifying your organization and providing rapid time to value through several features, including:

  • Prebuilt smart connectors that offer automatic data mapping suggestions
  • An asset repository that allows you to build and share APIs, events, and integration workflows with others in your organization
  • A user-friendly interface where you can fine-tune your workflows
  • A Fast Adaptive and Secure Protocol (FASP) transfer protocol, which provides unmatched transfer speeds using available bandwidth—without impacting other network traffic
  • Secure, cloud-native enterprise messaging that connects all applications in real time
Centralize integration

As your organization grows, it can be challenging to connect all the dots as you manage more and more systems. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration helps you create and manage APIs through a built-in toolkit, allowing you to define which applications are talking to each other, which data is moving between those applications, who can access that data, and how much time the data will be available.

By performing integration in a central location, you gain access to a source of truth throughout the integration process and can connect applications and data between systems, whether on the mainframe or in the public cloud. With IBM Cloud Pak for Integration, you do not have to worry about creating a way for systems to communicate—the solution allows you to store all information from different applications in one place, then translates it into the necessary format.

Minimize security risks

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration uses the IBM DataPower Gateway, which provides the highest level of security assurance certification for enterprise applications. That means you can share business-critical data at a variety of levels in a cloud-centric infrastructure without increasing risk. You can also control who has access to specific data and enforce authentication and authorization of security policies to protect your data, your customers, and your organization.

Another security benefit: IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is equipped with enterprise messaging that is backed by end-to-end encryption and robust security mechanisms. It allows organizations to reliably deliver messages between applications even if there are network or cloud connectivity issues. Plus, updates to data between applications are delivered once—and only once—minimizing the risk of lost or duplicate messages. If a message cannot be delivered, it is stored in a queue until it can be.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Applications

Integration is about more than what data you are moving and where—it is about how that data is being moved, how often, who is moving it, and who can see it. IBM Cloud Pak for Integration provides capabilities to monitor and manage all aspects of your integrations across a wide variety of technologies and approaches—increasing your operational efficiency, optimizing workloads, and enabling continuous improvement while reducing risk.

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