IT Solutions to Tackle Today’s Data Center Concerns

Heading into 2018 IT leaders have real concerns about their  data center operations and team.  Today let’s look at some of these concerns and how our IT solutions and services can help.

Legacy systems – legacy systems still play a role in many data centers.  As business needs have changed so to have the demands on IT solutions and equipment, but moving to a new system presents many complications.

Innovation – the responsibility to drive innovation and ultimately revenue has also made its way to IT.  For some leaders, it is about navigating digital transformation projects and for others it is about freeing up team time from day-to-day operational work for new projects.

Data – one simple word but an ever growing one in today’s data center.  The increase in the volume and types of data has taxed many data center storage solutions to the max.  Coupled with the need to produce better data analytics and insights, managing data better is top of mind for leaders.

Staff and the skills gap – With the labor market tight IT leaders face a shortage of employees in general, and  new technologies are increasing the demand to provide training and education for their workforce.

The good news is that Evolving Solutions has the IT solutions and services that can help you tackle these data center concerns. First, our team knows data centers inside and out.  Our data center assessment services,  Innovation Center and Integration Lab not only help you determine where to get started but can also provide unique access to test drive and down the road more easily integrate new solutions and hardware into your operations. If data is your biggest concern, Evolving Solutions can help you find the best data storage solution and our big data analytics team is plugged into the latest tools that can help you drive actionable insights.  Finally, we recognize that today’s IT teams wear many hats. Our professional and managed data center services can help take away some of the day-to-day burden from your team, so they can focus back on projects that drive innovation for the company.

Contact us today and let’s get to work in 2018!

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