Evolving Solutions Represents at the NE Tech Summit

Several hundred attendees converged upon Harper Center for the 2019 Nebraska Technology Summit on May 19th.  In addition to the many great discussion had at our booth, the keynote, Julie Rieger, President, Chief Data Strategist & Head of Media at 20th Century Fox Films, detailed the transformational journey they went through to become a data-driven company.  She spoke to the value of customer insight and the required digital transformation needed to support their ability to make better business decisions.

Many of the customers that stopped by our booth are facing similar challenges, along with the challenge of integrating public cloud offerings into their current technology stack.  Most customers recognize that certain workloads are best kept on-prem, but that public cloud does offer some advantages.

At Evolving Solutions, we can help with the operational challenges of having workloads running in multiple clouds.  We believe in a hybrid cloud approach to systematically address these new challenges.  Taking the time to evaluate your IT environment, think about your goals (short term and long), and understanding your needs, all go a long way to help you move along your technology journey, and ultimately get you to where you want to be tomorrow.

Our teams integrate our expertise in modern platforms with enterprise cloud strategies and are passionate about navigating the complexities that technological transformations bring, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you on your journey.  To learn more, visit www.evolvingsol.com or email [email protected].


Dan enjoys working with clients to understand their unique challenges. He is dedicated to working together to develop a solution that meets their needs, and is passionate about advocating on their behalf.

Dan has served in many roles as a customer, technical expert, and sales consultant, and understands the challenges faced by IT professionals and welcomes new learning opportunities.

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Kelly Hirner

Director of Marketing

Kelly Hirner is Director of Marketing for Evolving Solutions. In this role, she is responsible for the marketing and communications strategies that advance the Evolving Solutions brand, engage clients and partners, and contribute to the company’s growth. Connect with Kelly on LinkedIn.

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