Building Better Data Center Security

Data center security keeps many IT professionals up at night.  Attacks are becoming more sophisticated and more frequent.  Below are some points from Joseph Gulla of IBM Systems Magazine to make sure your data center security solution is ready.

The Right Approach

Integration is a key element of any data center security solution.  Threats can come from all sources and at times multiple, so your security solutions need to be working together cohesively.

Capitalize on Intelligence

Intelligence allows you to analyze and identify patterns and predict threats and in some cases can even learn.  While the right integration ensures your solutions are working together to handle incidents, adding intelligence to your data center security solution can help you be proactive about prevention.

Remember Hardware

Threats do not just come through software. Hardware also needs to be a key element in your data center security planning.


In the past, encryption was both an asset and a liability. Encrypt too much data and your costs skyrocketed, not enough and your company was left open to risk. Today, there are data security solutions that solve these issues and allow you to encrypt more and more data – even all – better and more cost effective.

Reduce Complexity

A complex environment can work against you when trying to keep it secure. Make it a goal to identify data center complexities and determine ways to simplify.

Have a Strategy

Setting a data center security strategy may sound elementary, but it is an important first step to securing your data and many companies do not have one in place.  A data center security strategy can help you prioritize and identify holes in processes and systems.  It is also the starting point for developing an effective response plan if an incident occurs.

Have the Right Partner

A final tip is to enlist the help of a trusted IT solutions partner who can help you evaluate your data center and security needs to match the right solution to your company.

Evolving Solutions

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