Why Software-Defined Storage Makes Business Sense (Infographic)

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[Transcript of the infographic:]Making cost-effective storage decisions can be a challenge. Learn how IBM Spectrum Storage can help. Click each benefit to learn more.

Saves time

When storage needs change, organizations and their IT departments are required to spend considerable time migrating to the new systems. Moving to a software-defined storage model alleviates this issue.

Reduces costs

With software-defined storage, organizations do not need to spend additional money on products or changing configurations.

Same architecture and software across the entire product line

With IBM Spectrum Storage, when storage needs change, organizations can simply move the workload to new infrastructure.

Ability to run the storage system on a virtual appliance

Flattening the hierarchical model provides the ability to run the storage platform on a virtual appliance, allowing the system to run on more than 500 different systems.

Flexibility to run the system in the cloud

IBM Spectrum Protect allows organizations to create replication relationships between data, whether on-premise or in the cloud, using the same software and processes.

More time to focus on client needs

Instead of allocating extra time to migrate to new systems, IT leaders can help develop systems to drive their organization’s evolution into a business that exceeds client expectations.

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