We Have the People

Every company has the best people, the best service, and the best products to offer; just ask their marketing team.  Evolving Solutions is no different, except that we really DO have the best people.  We talk a lot about how great our architects and consultants are, about how they are the best and the brightest the industry has to offer, and, quite frankly, it’s true.  The equation is simple.  We hire the best to offer the best. 

But, for Evolving Solutions, hiring the best doesn’t stop at our build teams and specialists.  Did you know that we have specialist teams whose sole mission is to ensure we give our customers top-notch support throughout their transaction and partnership with us?  One such team, arguably one of the most essential teams in our organization, includes our Sales Operations Specialists.   

We don’t talk a lot about them, but we should.  They are the glue that keeps our organization together; unsung heroes who keep our customers’ transactions moving forward, and they perform miracles every day to meet impossible deadlines. 

So what do the Sales Operations Specialists actually do to ensure our clients are given the best experience? 

Beyond Order Entry 

When customers reach out to Evolving Solutions, we don’t just complete a transaction, we form a relationship.  We realize that we work on some of the most intimate pieces of your organization, so it’s important to us that you are completely comfortable with us working with you and your environment.  Our Sales Operations Specialists are constantly keeping tabs on active orders and providing constant updates right on up to delivery.  They also manage every order detail to ensure each order is 100% correct before you even see it. 

White Glove Service 

Did you know that the majority of all orders placed come through our own warehouse for Quality Assurance first?  It’s true.  We confirm that your order is complete, up to strict standard, and no detail is missed, so you get your items on time, and complete.  We can even check that everything is operational, and ready to go straight into your environment, if necessary.  In situations where deadlines do not allow for this level of detail, our Sales Operations Specialists take additional care to ensure items shipping to other locations are tracked and properly documented for delivery. 

Too Much Information 

For our Sales Operations Specialists, there is no such thing.  They update our clients every step of the way, so that everyone knows, at all times, exactly what is happening with their orders.  Making every detail of what is going on their personal business, if the Sales Operations Specialists could hold an order’s hand as it moves through the process to the client, they would.  They do this all while, keeping our clients up to speed on the order’s progress.  They go above and beyond to exceed client expectations time and again, even if that means calling distributors, couriers, and delivery services non-stop just to keep things rolling for you. 

At Evolving Solutions, our people are truly our greatest asset. We are people simplifying technology.  From our dedicated account executives, who help guide you through the discovery process, and army of architects, who are perpetually on top of the latest technology and trends so they can create the solutions necessary to maintain your environment, to our Sales Ops Teams, including our Sales Operations Specialists, we strive to bring customer service to next level.  We aren’t just a technology services provider, we are Evolving Solutions, and we have the people.  We create enduring relationships.  Let’s Get to Work. 


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