Trends Shaping Cloud Computing Strategy

“From cost containment to hybrid strategies, CIOs are getting more creative in taking advantage of the latest offerings and the cloud’s economies of scale,” writes Clint Boulton for CIO.   Mr. Boulton provides the following break down on the current trends shaping cloud computing strategy and solution adoption.

Cloud Computing Adoption

First the numbers, Forrester Research reported the following cloud computing adoption statistics from a recent survey:

  • 38% of enterprises are building private cloud solutions
  • 32% are also adopting public cloud services
  • 59% are adopting a hybrid cloud solution

Forrester also found that enterprises are speeding up their adoption because they need more flexibility and capabilities to scale to meet changing customer demands. Cloud computing solutions are proving to be the means to achieve their goals.

Trends Shaping Cloud Computing Strategy

In the coming years, these trends are shaping what cloud computing solutions enterprises choose and how they evolve their cloud strategies.

  • Hyperconverged infrastructure bridges a gap. As CIOs weigh the security risks of public cloud services against their workload and data requirements, some decide they would rather turn to private cloud services.  Building a private cloud is no small task, but new hyperconverged infrastructure solutions are helping to accelerate the use of private cloud.  Hyperconverged infrastructure offers packages of compute, storage and networking that ease the build out of a private cloud
  • More containers. Container use has grown as IT sees the advantages of using them for easier portability of software code. As use grows, cloud computing strategies will also change, because containers can add another level of complexity
  • Rise of public cloud apps. Forrester has found that more enterprise CIOs are trusting the public cloud for application hosting. With more success stories, leaders will gain more confidence and take a new look at their current application hosting strategy

Take a step back, how is your own cloud strategy evolving? Are you seeing these trends affect your choices and plans? Evolving Solutions has the expertise to help your company evaluate and determine the best cloud computing strategy, and ultimately, the best solution.  We work with you to develop a cloud strategy tailored to your needs. Contact us today and learn more about our cloud services.

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