Software-Defined Storage Improves Data Management

IDC research indicates that over the next decade there will be a growing use of server rich storage architectures leveraging software-defined storage.  Let’s learn more about this approach.

What is software-defined storage?

Software-defined storage is about separating storage features and functions away from the physical storage device.   It provides automated policy-based management that can help simplify and make more efficient common administrative tasks.  It also helps prevent data fragmentation and breaks down data silos to give IT more global control of company data.

What is driving software-defined storage adoption?

First, the growth in the volume and variety of data is helping fuel the adoption of software-defined storage.  This storage solution allows you to more effectively store and access large volumes of data.  Another driver is the growth in third party platforms such as cloud computing services, analytics platforms, mobile and even social media.  Given these factors, data center managers are looking for ways to reduce storage costs and automate functions to improve efficiency.

Virtualization Review reports on the following findings from a recent survey about why data center managers are considering a move to this type of storage solution:

  • 55% surveyed want to simplify management of different models of storage
  • 53% surveyed want to “future-proof” infrastructure
  • 52% surveyed want to avoid hardware lock-in from manufacturers
  • 47% surveyed want to extend the life of existing storage assets

Software-defined storage benefits

IBM reports the following benefits from using software-defined storage:

  • Increased flexibility. A mix of heterogeneous hardware can be used to meet changing demands
  • Automated management. Policy-driven control helps put data in the right place at the right time…and at the right cost
  • Cost efficiency. Using standards-based hardware lowers both acquisition costs and total cost of ownership
  • Unlimited scalability. Infrastructure can be scaled while still managed as a single enterprise-class system
  • Enhanced agility. Updates to your infrastructure can happen much quicker to keep pace with changes in demand.

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