Proactive Application Performance Monitoring Can Free Up Resources and Boost the Bottom Line

As hybrid cloud use and application complexity continues to grow, organizations of all sizes are increasingly challenged by the need to monitor their applications’ availability and performance. Companies are seeking the best methods to support mission-critical IT functions as they deploy new and more complex applications to the cloud.

The Cost of Application Outages

What happens, then, when these mission-critical applications experience outages or performance issues? In IT shops that are increasingly siloed by discipline, who’s in charge of holistically monitoring the entire application?

Application outages can directly impact the bottom line. “In this day and age of social media, they may find out that their application is slow and not performing acceptably on social media,” says Jaime Gmach, president and CEO of Evolving Solutions. “The financial impact to a company ranges from hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions of dollars—to a company going out of business.”

What’s more, reactive solutions to application outages are costly and inefficient. War rooms, where representatives from various departments (e.g., network, server and firewall teams) all gather in a conference room or on a conference call at all hours of the day or night, tie up resources. These silos of employees often can’t see beyond their particular area of expertise, failing to take a comprehensive look at the entire enterprise’s applications.

“They get all of their best people troubleshooting,” explains Nate Austin, practice director, Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics at Evolving Solutions. “Because it’s their best people, it’s all of their most expensive people.”

Proactive Application Performance Monitoring

That’s where application performance monitoring (APM) comes into the picture. APM gives an organization a clearer picture of the health of their mission-critical applications. As applications become more complex—integrated into other processes and into the cloud—managing applications and identifying where (and why) an issue resides becomes more challenging.

To better address the issues clients are facing with application monitoring, Evolving Solutions launched its Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice. The practice offers clients the resources and expertise needed to provide continuous, centralized monitoring of various types of applications. This encompasses collecting, gathering and analyzing various performance, availability and even business-based metrics.

“Being able to measure and optimize all aspects of enterprise performance is critical for our clients that require their applications to be up and operational 100% of the time,” Gmach says. “Without it, they risk having an outage or application slowdown, which can be extremely costly. Our goal is to identify issues before they impact users or, in a worst-case scenario, to find and resolve issues more quickly than previously possible.”

What Sets Evolving Solutions’ Application Performance Monitoring Apart?

By working with Evolving Solutions, clients are connected directly to skilled APM engineers to answer questions, resolve technical issues and, most importantly, to help the organizations modernize their overall monitoring capabilities. This can be difficult for many organizations that don’t have a dedicated monitoring team with cross-silo expertise.

“We’ve demonstrated to clients that we can modernize and automate their mission-critical infrastructure to support digital transformation,” Gmach says. The Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice’s consultative approach will build upon that foundation to address IT needs.

“We’re going to be working directly with clients to understand what’s important to them up and down the organization,” Austin says. “We’re not just going to come in, install some software and check some boxes. We’re going to make sure that the client can leverage the software to its fullest, including aligning back to executive goals.”

This type of holistic APM approach can help clients reduce their mean time to resolve problems (MTTR) and eliminate the need for war rooms, which can ultimately boost the bottom line for organizations.

Extending Your Team With Application Performance Monitoring Experts

Austin and his APM team are dedicated to ensuring that clients minimize downtime and keep their mission-critical applications running optimally.

“As digital and business transformation continues to grow at a rapid pace, firms will need to monitor their revenue-generating applications and eliminate disruptions,” says Gmach. “By expanding into a new business practice with our highly knowledgeable staff, Evolving Solutions will help clients improve their digital services, create better end-user experiences and ultimately drive business success.”

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