Offering Partnerships and Practice Areas to Meet Clients’ Needs

In 25 years of business, we have achieved many milestones. One of the most significant occurred in 2000 when Evolving Solutions became an IBM Business Partner. The process was not easy—forging such a relationship with a tech giant requires substantial investments of time and resources.

The investments that we made then in personnel and technology have continued to pay dividends after two decades. Virtually every day we see the benefits of our partnership with IBM. Initially, it allowed us to make critical technology investments, including the construction of our Client Innovation Center. Over the long haul, the trajectory of our partnership allowed us to develop and build other vendor partner relationships. Today, Evolving Solutions partners with 45-50 additional technology vendors, including Red Hat, HPE, Nutanix, Cisco, VMWare, and more.

Our many strategic partnerships are not one-time affairs. On an annual basis, Evolving Solutions technologists take and renew numerous technical certifications. Our partnerships also create opportunities to further invest in our operations to better serve our clients.

Practice Areas for Today’s Business Needs

Our partnerships have also been the foundation upon which we built our many practice areas.

In recent years, we have launched or reinforced new practice areas to more closely align our core technical skills with clients’ needs and aspirations. The first is automation and orchestration, which allows us to help clients automate their business processes on a large scale. The ultimate goal is to leverage clients’ existing IT architecture and layer incremental tools and processes.

The second practice is enterprise monitoring and analytics, which involves monitoring client application environments to help ensure that they’re running at optimal efficiency. Watch this video to learn how our EMA team can help your organization.

The third practice is what we call next-generation networking. This is part of our ongoing efforts to help clients move to cloud environments. Our technologists can help you create new efficiencies in the architecture you already have or provision a new environment that leverages public and private cloud deployments.

The fourth practice area is security. An organization’s data is often its most valuable asset, so keeping that data accessible and out of the hands of bad actors is the utmost priority.

Tailored Technology

Over the last 25 years, the needs of our clients have changed dramatically. Evolving Solutions has grown our practice areas and strategic partnerships to meet those needs. Today, the primary driver of that change is hybrid cloud computing. Tomorrow will bring new technology drivers.

I am confident we have the team and the partnerships to take on any IT challenge our clients are facing.

Jaime Gmach

Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Gmach co-founded Evolving Solutions in 1996 and is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Connect with Jaime on LinkedIn.

Photo of Jaime Gmach

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