NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP: Building a Foundation for Hybrid Cloud

An organization’s data is powerful and ubiquitous. Organizations typically collect and store this valuable resource across multiple kinds of environments as each area offers its own unique and specialized benefits. These storage choices offer a number of advantages, including scalability, cost efficiency, optimization, security, control, and customization. However, this method of singular data storage can silo data when it’s needed in a different place or has to be accessed elsewhere, costing a company time, resources, and expenses to move.

Today, bridges, contingencies, and freedom of movement are a necessity for quality data management. Gone are the days where data remains only on-premise or in one cloud environment. Now, data has to flow freely across platforms as well as be accessed easily, backed up regularly, recovered quickly, and protected at all times regardless of platform. These requirements call for a unified hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure to support all of an organization’s needs. NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP can be essential for building a foundation for an enterprise hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure.

Data Management Made Virtual

For over thirty years, NetApp has provided hardware and software solutions to drive efficiency, lower costs, and optimize storage for different organizations across various industries. These solutions enable organizations to store and share large amounts of data across both physical and cloud environments, helping clients to create a unified hybrid cloud environment. Based on NetApp’s world-leading data storage operating system, Cloud Volumes ONTAP is a virtual instance of ONTAP that runs in the cloud with all the features of ONTAP storage.

This product includes:

  • Constant availability and instantaneous failover as well as data tiering
  • Capabilities to run traditional and cloud-native programs from anywhere and move them across hybrid and multi-cloud environments easily
  • Delivery of high-performance and centralized file and block storage management
  • Incorporation with many native ONTAP backup and recovery features and security integrations
  • Simple launch and operation through a graphical user interface and API
  • Virtual availability across cloud marketplaces and support in all major regions with centralized control for streamlined operations
  • And, so much more
Same Experience, Same Data Protection, Same Connectivity

SnapMirror is the driving engine of NetApp’s data fabric. Allowing users to replicate from on-premise to on-premise, multiple data centers, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, and vice versa, where common methods of accessing data, like CIFS, NFS and iSCSI, can be leveraged to provide consistency across all platforms.

However, this replication does not cover any associated shares, any IP addresses that may be needed, or any other CIFS, NFS or iSCSI servers that may be required to access the data. In the event of an incident requiring disaster recovery, one would have to remap or use another solution to reconnect clients to new data sources.

Disaster Recovery, Simplified

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP can provide disaster recovery to instances of NetApp in the cloud, including Storage Virtual Machines. A Storage Virtual Machine is a logical container in which all data volumes, network interfaces, shares, and exports exist for data volumes. One or more Storage Virtual Machines can be created to allow for multi-tenancy within the same physical hardware, allowing multiple Active Directory domains, networks, and protocols to exist in different Storage Virtual Machines. So, a Storage Virtual Machine configuration can be replicated to aid with disaster recovery procedures through SnapMirror. In the event of an incident, if maintenance is needed, or an issue occurs within the data center, an organization’s data can still be accessed with no impact to their clients.

NetApp and Hybrid Cloud Journey

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP can assist with more than just disaster recovery. It can help with development and testing as well as maintenance and repair for seamless non-disruptive operations. All around, Cloud Volumes ONTAP provides advanced data management for an organization’s cloud storage and can be crucial for building a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Alongside NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP, NetApp’s other solution offerings enable enterprises and service providers to have the same experience in the cloud as on-premises IT infrastructure. NetApp is the only hybrid cloud service provider native to the world’s biggest clouds. With more than 4,500 clients, NetApp has proven itself to be a leader in data management and cloud migration. Through NetApp, organizations can leverage both the innovations of the cloud and the advantages of on-premises storage to achieve a successful hybrid cloud environment.

Evolving Solutions partners with NetApp to manage the data aspect of cloud migrations. You can view a demo on NetApp SVMDR using Cloud Volumes ONTAP here.

Contact Evolving Solutions to learn even more about NetApp, Cloud Volumes ONTAP, and to start building your successful hybrid cloud journey.

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