Modernizing Your Mainframe: 2 Places to Start

The mainframe has enjoyed a long and proud heritage. Since the 60’s, mainframes have been trusted to house and process some pretty important data. Just as data has evolved, so have mainframes, and it is imperative that the technology used to manage the important information these machines care for is up-to-date, and working as efficiently as possible.

Being in the midst of some of the largest technological changes in history, navigating the decision to modernize can be a daunting task. So exactly where do you start planning the modernization of your mainframe?

We recommend two crucial beginning steps:

#1 – Review:

Conducting a comprehensive review of your mainframe environment will help to determine potential risks and exposures driven by changing business requirements, i.e. security, compliance and digital transformation. From this analysis, you can start to look to recommendations based on current industry trends and metrics. Additionally, this review can help provide justification for platform currency.

#2 – Strategize:

Mainframes do not have to be an all or nothing solution. Look at refining your current strategy in support of Mainframe migration and/or modernization. Having a complete strategy to prepare for the newest technologies to come helps ensure the modernization process is smooth. It is also important to review options for skills development, hosting and managed services to ensure you have the right skills and solutions to move into the future.

Modernizing your mainframe confirms the investments you have made in your environment remain sound. Building an infrastructure with business growth in mind, ensures that your critical applications and processes can continue to function to their peak effectiveness, while your organization grows.

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