Join Us in Celebrating 25 Years of Success

The year 2021 is a special one for Evolving Solutions—it marks our 25th anniversary.

If you’ve ever started a business, you know there are countless decisions to make before launch day. That was certainly the case as we prepared to open Evolving Solutions in 1996. Picture a late dinner after a long day, with potential names being scribbled on bar napkins. Ultimately, Evolving Solutions just sounded right. As a startup technology business, we knew that change would be constant. And while the term ‘solutions’ was not ubiquitous at the time, it is now at the core of technology vocabulary.

After a quarter century of helping our clients achieve their goals, the name Evolving Solutions carries real meaning. It is our reputation. Our clients and vendor partners recognize us for our expertise; they recognize and share the values we hold as a company.

We began in 1996 selling recertified technology solutions to clients. The market was mature, but from the start, we sought to differentiate ourselves. We believed an opportunity existed to innovate in an industry that to a large degree was led by salespeople.

By contrast, our staff consisted predominantly of technologists. They worked hand-in-hand with salespeople to craft IT solutions that met clients’ specific needs—and still apply that approach today. It sounds so simple and obvious now, but our approach represented a drastic departure from how things were done. We would deliver business value along with the technology.

Propelled by Our People

Early on, we recognized that we had the right idea. Over time, the right people—our employees—have helped Evolving Solutions grow and thrive. Our company has developed a unique culture—one that is driven by a team of talented people whose personalities and skills complement one another.

I believe many businesses fail to consider the big picture when it comes to individual hiring. At Evolving Solutions, we do not hire someone based on what they can do for us tomorrow, next week,or this quarter. We really try to understand how they fit into the business long term. That is why we welcomed Nate Austin to lead our Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice last year and are onboarding a leader that is the right fit to expand our networking practice in 2021.

Reflecting on 25 Years in Business

I am eternally grateful for the assistance and support of all the individuals who have helped make Evolving Solutions the company it has become. When we started, I was fortunate to be joined in the new initiative by several former co-workers. Individually we knew one another well. As a group, we shared common professional goals. That they were willing to take the risk of joining a startup still means so much. I can never thank them enough for their hard work and faith in what we were all trying to accomplish.

I am also so appreciative of our clients for their trust and continued support. Thank you for partnering with us over the past 25 years. We have all grown together while sharing a fun and incredibly exciting ride. We are honored to celebrate our 25th anniversary with you, and we look forward to many more successful years together.

Jaime Gmach

Chief Executive Officer

Jaime Gmach co-founded Evolving Solutions in 1996 and is the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Connect with Jaime on LinkedIn.

Photo of Jaime Gmach

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