Get Ready for Big Data Analytics

The right big data analytics solution can drive insights that help your business thrive. A successful big data project starts with a solid understanding of your data and data center infrastructure coupled with a clear corporate data strategy.

Assess your data

A big data analytics solution alone doesn’t guarantee amazing insights. The data feeding into the solution must be clean and of quality. Assessing your data sources and management is key. Start by mapping out your data sources – where does the data live and how is it processed, defined and kept clean.  Define how your data sources work together and integrate.  Finally, identify the data you are missing or the data that would be critical to helping solve your business issue.

Create a corporate data strategy

Before adopting a big data solution you need a solid data strategy to guide the project. Define what business challenges you hope to overcome and how insights gained can be implemented.  Start out with a specific and targeted challenge to pilot a big data project.  This approach will allow you to test the waters on a smaller scale. Finally, create a multi-disciplined team to ensure all stakeholders are providing feedback and direction on the strategy.

Evaluate your IT architecture

It is also important that you assess your internal systems and data center infrastructure. What type of big data platform can your infrastructure support? What changes or upgrades must be made?

Evolving Solutions can help

At Evolving Solutions, we can help you through this assessment process and help you gain the insight you need to become a data-driven business. Our data assessment services help you prepare for integrating a big data analytics solution. The assessment provides a full business analysis, an environmental assessment and actionable recommendations. We then help you choose the best big data platform for your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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