Evolving Solutions Launches Holistic Enterprise Monitoring Analytics Practice

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MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 17, 2020—Evolving Solutions, a leading hybrid cloud and infrastructure services provider, launched a new end-to-end monitoring, predictive analytics and issue detection practice called Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics.

“Being able to measure and optimize all aspects of enterprise cloud performance is critical for our clients that require their applications to be operational 100% of the time,” says Jaime Gmach, president and CEO of Evolving Solutions. “Without it, they risk having an outage or application slowdown, which can be extremely costly.”

The new service will be headed by Nate Austin, an expert with 20 years of application performance management and monitoring experience.

“Nate is critical to the success of our new Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice. More importantly, he will be a crucial component in helping lead our clients’ business transformation. Nate has built a track record of strong sales and technical leadership skills in the monitoring space,” explains Gmach. “He has earned a reputation for thought leadership in understanding complex applications and being able to adapt solutions to the challenges and monitoring issues that many clients face. Nate will undoubtably be the leader who will accelerate the growth of our Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice.”

“We believe this service will be an invaluable asset to our clients,” says Austin, practice director, Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics. “Clients are struggling with enterprise monitoring and analytics because the complexity of applications has increased significantly. It was challenging enough when it was a single application; now there are 15-20 other applications plus multiple clouds where applications are running.”

The Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice focuses on the end-to-end monitoring, predictive analytics and issue detection across the entire mission-critical application stack. The most common component of this technology is application performance management (APM), which monitors and manages the performance and availability of business applications. APM detects and diagnoses complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service.

Because many of its clients lack a dedicated team to oversee the application performance from end to end, Evolving Solutions saw a need for a unique holistic approach that the company’s Enterprise Monitoring and Analytics practice provides. “We help clients monitor all types of mission-critical applications, such as revenue-generating or key internal apps—anything that’s critical to the business’s clients and bottom line,” Austin says.

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Evolving Solutions is a technology solutions provider that helps clients modernize and automate their mission-critical infrastructure to support digital transformation. Our business is client-centric, providing consulting and delivering technical solutions to enable modern operations in the hybrid cloud.

Evolving Solutions has deep partnerships with IBM, HPE, Cisco, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, NetApp, Nutanix, Azure, Red Hat, AWS and over 70 other vendors that help deliver exceptional results to service clients’ technology needs. Learn more at www.evolvingsol.com.

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