Enterprise Cloud Security Tied to IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates even more enterprise data and analytics.  With this influx of data many enterprises will turn to their cloud computing services to store, process and analyze.  As Christine Parizo of Tech Pro Research writes, “Cloud security and IoT are the new peanut butter and jelly.” Yes, enterprise cloud security becomes crucial to successful handling of IoT data.   Ms. Parizo gathered these insights from industry leaders on how to tighten and maintain good enterprise cloud security.

First, know your current cloud infrastructure in and out before you dive into IoT.  Ask questions. What cloud security processes and controls are in place?  Understand how they work.  Find out how these controls change with the introduction of IoT devices.

Next, one best practice from industry leaders is to segregate your IoT traffic on your network. Spend time mapping out how IoT device traffic will flow through your system and which cloud services it will touch.  Put into place tools so this traffic can be monitored. A trusted IT partner can help you evaluate if you have the proper mechanisms in place to manage and monitor this new network traffic source.

Finally, remember enterprise cloud security maintenance matters.  You can have the best enterprise cloud security solution in place but if it is not properly maintained and updated then it can’t live up to its potential. In other words, if not maintained and monitored, your IoT data (and all data actually) is at risk.  A good place to start to learn more about your role in maintaining cloud security is to review your cloud service level agreement (SLA).  SLAs will clearly state what is the responsibility of the cloud provider and of the client.   If something is not clear, be sure to contact your cloud provider right away, so you can ensure there are no loose ends.

Because of the volume of data that IoT devices create, the power of cloud will be needed to help companies store and analyze it effectively, which is why enterprise cloud security will be tied tightly to the security of IoT data.

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