Common Myths about Digital Transformation

Digital transformation will continue to be a hot focus in 2018. Today let’s review these common myths from CIO below, and why they are not true.

Digital transformation is just about IT. Not true – Although technology may be at the center, true transformation requires changes from leadership and within the organization.  Leaders need to ensure that their organizations are set up to succeed when these digital changes take place.  If the organization is not prepared, then it doesn’t matter what new technology is adopted – success may not come.

It is only for enterprises. Not true – Businesses big and small can adopt digital transformation as a way to innovate their processes and improve performance.

Digital transformation means fewer jobs.  Not true – Although this change often times enlists the power of cognitive computing and machine learning to automate and increase analytics power, many early pioneers are seeing that more jobs are created to turn these insights into actionable results.

It can be accomplished in just one project. Not true – Digital transformation is ultimately a journey to use technology to improve processes.  One project does not lead to total transformation.

Any one of these  myths could certainly derail you strategy, so what are some tips that will help?  First, very early on define clearly the end goal of this work and how it will benefit your company and your customers? Next, determine what changes need to be made to reach it and make sure to include everything from technology to culture to training and skills to leadership.  When these variables are known you can then start to map out a holistic approach to digital transformation.

Digital transformation is ultimately about making your company better from internal processes to the customer experience and when successful will provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.





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