Benefits of IT Managed Services

Today’s IT teams wear many hats and are typically stretched at capacity or even beyond.  This leaves little time to step away from day-to-day data center operations to focus on driving innovation and supporting new revenue streams.  The rapid adoption of new technology further taxes employees, as the team struggles to become subject matter experts in cloud, big data, IoT and other data center changes.  Utilizing outside IT managed services can be a great way to alleviate some of these pain points.

Adopting IT managed services can help you:

  • Free up time from day-to-day, back-end tasks  for other project work
  • Provide access to expertise that your team does not have in-house
  • Increase scalability as IT needs change
  • Refocus your team back to what they know best – your business and industry

Imagine more time to focus on projects that go beyond maintaining the status quo and instead help your company grow.

Using IT managed services can certainly free up time, but before making a switch be sure to take time do answer these questions:

  • What data center operations are consuming most of your team’s time?
  • What technologies are your team struggling to keep pace with?
  • What pieces of your data center operations are more standard and which are unique only to your company?
  • What do you wish your team could focus on more?

Find the right partner.

It is important to find the right IT partner when looking into managed services.  Look for a partner that is proactive –they know exactly what can cause data center downtime and problems and keep on top of looking for the warning signs.  Your IT partner should have the right expertise.  If it is data center backup and recovery that you want to hire out, than your IT service provider should be able to demonstrate specific expertise and the proven track record of success.  Finally, the right IT partner doesn’t just manage the systems you have. A true partner has your pocketbook in mind as well and provides recommendations to improve operations and lower costs.

Evolving Solutions’ IT managed services can not only help you free up your team’s time, but our expertise in backup and recovery, server monitoring and data center management will ensure your data center is operating at its best.  Our engineering services also help you proactively plan for improvements and future needs. Contact us to learn more.

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