Assess Your Data Security Solution

As the frequency of corporate data breaches grows, enterprises and businesses of all sizes face a daunting task, and their data security solutions are being tested.   Today’s threats come at the data center from more places than ever before and the right data security solution is key to mitigate risk and protect your company.

Critical to protecting your data is to be proactive not reactive.  Once a data breach has occurred it may be too late.  Start now by dedicating time to thoroughly assess and evaluate your data security solution.  It may also be helpful to bring in a trusted IT partner to help you assess strengths, challenges and current gaps.

In addition to assessing your current process, it is also important to evaluate what new technologies and techniques are available that could help to strengthen your data security solution.  A recent article from IBM may be helpful during this phase of the discussion. The article highlights the value of incorporating these “3 Cs” of enterprise security:

  • Cloud visibility. Enterprise IT continues to adopt cloud services to gain efficiencies, but that also adds more layers of complexity.  Your data security solution needs to seamlessly integrate with your cloud services to deliver total visibility. Your team needs to know what cloud services are used, what data passes through and who has access to effectively mitigate security risks
  • Collaborate. Look for data security solutions that allow your team to easily work together to share information and learnings.   Look for vendors who are staying on top of trends and work with top industry solutions and leaders to deliver quality solutions
  • Cognitive technologies. Manual security processes are just not able to handle the multitude of enterprise threats.  Integrating cognitive technologies can be a great way to add more automation and analytics power to your data security solution

When assessing your data security, add cloud visibility, collaboration and cognitive technologies to your list of discussion items and evaluate how each might be used to strengthen your current solution.

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