5 Signs Your Organization is Ready for the Cloud 

Cloud is pretty much a way of life these days.  If you haven’t made the move to cloud, there is a good chance you could be feeling left out; left wondering what the hype is all about, and what cloud solutions can do for your organization.  Cloud can be a lot of things, from gaining a competitive edge through cloud computing solutions, to being used as a backup and recovery tool, the possibilities cloud offers are virtually limitless. 

So, how do you know if your organization would be well-served using any of the many cloud solutions that are out there?  If you can relate to any of these obstacles, it may be worth looking into what cloud can do for you. 

Is your data center nearing end-of-life or capacity thresholds? 

Cloud offers scalable options fit for most budgets and needs.  Plus, it always evolves, so you don’t have to worry about what happens when you reach end-of-life or a certain threshold. 

Has the management of legacy IT systems become burdensome? 

With certain cloud products, you can spend time on new projects rather than maintaining existing infrastructure, and there are many types of system monitoring utilities to choose from, so you can keep tabs on everything that’s happening with your environment. 

Are you uncertain of your IT needs and requirements, but must meet key business deliverables? 

Cloud solutions provide you with the freedom and flexibility to change services depending on demand.  This saves money and allows the most efficient use of your resources.  Plus, you pay only for the users and storage your company needs. 

Do you have a new application requirements for mobile/distributed users? 

The cloud is making it easier to work anywhere, with any device. Cloud computing offers easier access across all devices and new ways to get the job done. 

Do you have offsite requirements, but no desire or ability to have another data center? 

When you take advantage of cloud computing, you’ll enjoy the major benefit of reducing your IT assets. This is because you only pay for the performance and space you need, reducing your capital expenditures.  

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, taking a closer look at cloud solutions might be a worthwhile endeavor.  Through customizing cloud options to meet your needs, many of the chores weighing down your workload today, can be easily managed, leaving you to work on other things. 

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