3 Ways to Transform Operations With Autonomous Storage

With a new era of intelligence upon us, organizations worldwide are leveraging cutting-edge smart technologies to power their businesses — and gaining new insights that are propelling them to new heights. With high volumes of data and companies desperate to store, analyze, and protect this information, choosing the right storage option is essential. Achieving autonomous storage can be the edge businesses need now. Here’s why:

Effortless, Self-Managing Storage, Intelligence, and Analytics

Storage solutions like HPE Nimble Storage, built on the intelligence of HPE InfoSight, can reduce data complexity while using AI to drive predictive analytics for data and security, enhance business insights, and increase performance efficiency. HPE Nimble Storage offers simple workload management and non-disruptive availability for applications, freeing up time and IT resources. With efficient, self-managed operations, businesses can turn their attention to customer-focused initiatives — a top-of-mind strategy in today’s competitive digital marketplace.

Optimized Data Center Costs and Operations

With autonomous storage infrastructure, there’s less to manage — and more automated tasks means lower IT and operational costs. With improved efficiency and automatic resolution of issues, businesses can cut management time while avoiding costly remediations and downtime. HPE Nimble Storage not only reduces the cost of flash storage but also extends flash media endurance, offering the lowest TCO of any all-flash array.[i] Paired with uncompromising data resiliency and a commitment to data integrity, HPE Nimble Storage prioritizes sensitive data protection while promoting business continuity.

Scale at Rapid Speed

AI-driven analytics not only provides insight into current business processes but also helps measure usability, assess capacity, and make projections on what’s to come. With this data, businesses can prepare for growth and scale with more accuracy than ever before — without over-provisioning. And with always-on, in-line deduplication, HPE Nimble Storage allows you to store more using less memory  — all while maintaining high levels of performance and efficiency, so you can do more with your data and capacity at any level.

Accelerating business begins in the data center. Autonomous storage simplifies how you store, manage, and use your data with automation, predictive analytics, and AI-driven intelligence. Businesses today need an edge. HPE Nimble Storage built on the intelligence of HPE InfoSight helps you harness the power of your data — better, faster, and more efficiently.

[i] HPE Nimble Storage TCO Calculator

Read our White Paper to find out more about intelligence-driven HPE Nimble Storage solutions.

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