What’s Next for the Mainframe?

The future of mainframes is bright.  There are some pretty exciting features which mainframe users ought to be pretty excited about.  Check out three pretty cool features the new IBM z System Server mainframes have: 

Future-Proof Architecture 

IBM Z Systems Servers (including the ZR1) offer ‘Future-Proof Architecture’.  This means you can invest once in a server architecture and not have to approach your board of directors a second time for net-new funding to redirect your initial IT investment.

Innovative Packaging 

The IBM ZR1 server is the first mainframe to fit into a 19-inch industry standard rack.  It is also the first mainframe to offer up 16U of reserved space for client use under certain configurations.  Consider the possibilities this space may offer, e.g. data center in a rack with possible integrated storage, high performance low latency access to x86 server technology whose workload is mainframe dependent or even hardware management console integration within the rack.  Clearly if you have microservices that are mainframe data dependent, co-location is powerful as network latency will be at its absolute lowest.  So too is saving space within your Colo facility.

Pervasive Encryption 

Organizations are investing in technologies that reduces their security risks.  With the integration of pervasive encryption into the IBM z14 Server line, our clients feel comfortable that their most critical data is protected. 

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