Technology Update 2021 Recap



The Evolving Solutions team recently wrapped up our annual Technology Update event. Traditionally, this event has been held near our Minneapolis headquarters, and included a day of presentations, golf, networking, and fun.

In 2020, we shifted the event to a fully virtual format, and spread the presentations out over a four-week time span. As we looked at 2021, we again took the opportunity to evaluate the structure, and I am proud of our team’s efforts to execute this year’s hybrid event.

During the morning, we held a series of virtual presentations with a group of amazing speakers from Evolving Solutions, IBM, and NetApp. This year’s focus on hybrid cloud and the ever-changing technology landscape is relevant to organizations of all sizes and across all industries.

You can view a replay of the morning sessions here. 


Bo Gebbie


Bo Gebbie is President of Evolving Solutions and joined the company in 2017. Connect with Bo on LinkedIn.

Photo of Bo Gebbie

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