Technology Partners: What a trusted partner can bring to your organization

By Liz Young, Marketing Coordinator 

It’s a fact IT teams deal with more now than ever.  More devices, new apps, and fewer resources. The demand on IT professionals to maintain their environment, let alone to keep up or stay ahead of market trends is astounding.  Changes in the modern data center make it incredibly difficult to keep up, especially when other responsibilities require your attention.  But, you can’t hire more full time resources, and your organization can’t afford to let your data center age.   

One solution may be to bring on a trusted technology partner to help advise and relieve some of the workload, so that you can focus on the more pertinent aspects of your role.   

Why are partners a good option? 

Proactive: Technology Partners who are experts in their field are great at recognizing the early warning signs for potential disturbances and vulnerabilities to save you from future downtime. 

Expertise: For many companies it’s difficult to introduce new technologies without hiring resources to manage those. Technology partners have the resources and credentials to implement solutions that work best with your environment. 

Cost Savings: Technology Partners can save you money on hardware and software infrastructure, maintenance, and internal resource costs which ordinarily can add up quickly. 

So what can a technology partner do for you?  Here are just a few things technology partners can do to help you in your data center. 

Manage BackupsDaily monitoring and management of the data backup process, including backup to and from various target locations (tape, VTL, cloud gateway and direct to cloud), manage tape movement and retention, produce daily backup success reports, assist with data restores as requested, enhance data backup and recovery processes, and handle capacity planning and trend analysis. 

Remote Server MonitoringOffsite, automated, server monitoring and custom event notifications which can alert you in the case of issues, including offering solutions to correct the problem, notifications via email or SMS, and customizable escalation plans for each event.  Remote server monitoring often uses a combination of developed toolsets and third party tools.   

Service Desks and Remote Admins: Some partners even offer 24/7 call center and ticketing for user initiated incidents, where you can find everything help including remediation steps to escalation plans.  This adds another level of support for you and your data center so that systems which are in place, remain functional. 

If hiring a technology partner seems like something that would benefit your organization, give a few partners a call.  It’s as important to find someone who has the expertise and ability to help, as it is to find someone you trust. 

Liz Young writes and designs content for the Evolving Solutions blog, LinkedIn page, Twitter feed, Facebook page and Instagram account.  

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