Be Strategic About Your Big Data Solution in 2018

Many companies have a big data solutions in place. Whether as a pilot program or a solution expanding in scope and use, in 2018 it is time to take that big data strategy one step further.  As Mary Shacklett from TechRepublic suggests it is time to integrate and manage your big data analytics with your everyday IT solutions and practices.  Ms. Shacklett suggests to focus your strategy on:

  • Storage
  • IT Architecture
  • Demystification
  • Operationalization
  • Analytics

Many companies’ first step into big data is to adopt a separate solution to pilot. This is a great starting point but as data and insights grow so do your storage and architecture needs. Make 2018 the year you evaluate and integrate.  First, spend time evaluating the big data you are storing – prioritize and evaluate what needs to be kept and the best place to store.  Next decide how the data generated by your big data solution fits in with the rest of your company data and develop a comprehensive storage strategy. Finally, what steps in 2018 can you take to operationalize your big data.  How does this go from a pilot project to being a regular part of everyday analytics, decisions and processes?

Do end users still need to go through IT or a data scientist to access big data?  2018 should also be the year to bring big data to the end user.  Work on the back end to ready data into usable formats and research and implement the right big data analytics tools so end users can access and query data to make decisions.

Need help? Evolving Solutions can bring our expertise to you and determine how best to expand, manage and integrate your big data solution with your IT architecture and processes.  We can also help you find and implement the best analytics tools for your end users. Learn more.

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