Why Take a Stepwise Approach to Cloud?

Hybrid cloud can help your organization overcome many of today’s business challenges, whether that’s the need for flexible capacity, reinforced business continuity or agile business practices. But what about the challenge of getting to the cloud in the first place?

Migrating and modernizing your mission-critical business applications can cause significant business disruption—but not if you take a stepwise approach to hybrid cloud.

Follow along with these content resources to learn how to balance the stability of your mission-critical workloads running on IBM Power Systems infrastructure with the flexibility of hybrid cloud.

Enabling Clients With App Modernization and IBM’s Cloud Strategy

Most cloud service providers have started with public cloud offerings and then slowly moved into on-premise infrastructure. IBM Power Virtual Servers have flipped that script-offering seamless integration between on-premise and cloud deployments.

White Paper: Hybrid Cloud on IBM Power Systems White Paper

How to Create Organizational Change With Hybrid Cloud

Adopting cloud capabilities doesn’t happen in a vacuum. The process starts with a multidisciplinary approach to identify areas of business operations that can reap the greatest benefit. And it continues with implementing cloud with minimal business disruption. We share our roadmap for success here.

White Paper: Hybrid Cloud on IBM Power Systems White Paper

Unleashing the Power of Hybrid Cloud Integration

IBM and Evolving Solutions discuss the importance of hybrid cloud integration, recent trends, and how IBM’s investments in its IBM Power and Red Hat solutions can be leveraged to enhance your hybrid cloud journey.

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