Minimize Data Center Project Bottlenecks

There is nothing worse than having a bottleneck slow down a high priority data center project or solution enhancement.  Data center project bottlenecks can occur for any number of reasons in a large organization with a complex data center solution and sometimes even the best intentions end up slowing a project down.

Here are some recommendations to minimize data center project bottlenecks from Bob Lewis of CIO.

  • Review your governance process. From how many representatives to the number of meetings, review every aspect of your governance process to ensure projects can move quickly
  • Minimize multi-tasking. It is best to have a project move forward with development fully staffed so that the project does not go on hold while another developer completes a concurrent task
  • Projects vs. releases. Projects can encompass many aspects of a data center solution and often times grow in size and complexity. This can be a recipe not only for delays but also for failure. Mr. Lewis suggests working on a release schedule and make small improvements more frequently
  • Remove manual provisioning. The technology is here and available to allow developers to provision in a matter of minutes. Take time to review your provisioning process and how the cloud or other approaches can help speed up this task
  • Clean up custom interfaces. We all have those custom interfaces that were developed… well maybe we are not sure when.  Now is the time to clean up and look for ways to integrate and standardize.  This can greatly reduce complexity and speed up data center solution enhancements
  • Allow for innovation. Don’t stop innovation just because it is not ready for the larger data center solution. Mr. Lewis suggests carving out a space that innovators can work and test ideas in and when success happens then work on how it integrates on a larger-scale

Today IT speed and a focus on innovation are a competitive advantage.  Spend time this month examining where your biggest data center bottlenecks are and how you can minimize.

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