Certifications are where it’s at for Evolving Solutions Team Members

Our teams in Minneapolis and Omaha have been busy learning about several exciting technologies this summer.  At Evolving Solutions, we believe skill development is pivotal to not only stay ahead of technology and industry trends, but to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions possible.  Solutions they’ve come to trust and expect from Evolving Solutions.

Making it our business to know what the future IT landscape looks like, combined with gaining an understanding of the current technologies available to our clients today, means that we are always prepared to provide you with sound, current, advice that is agile, efficient, and innovative.

No matter where you are in your technology transformation, our team will meet you where you are today, to get you to tomorrow.

Join me in congratulating Roxane, Dan, Holly, Scott, Joe, John, Trent and Michael on completing the following certifications.  Well done everyone!

Stay tuned to LinkedIn for more updates as our team collects more certifications and expertise!

Lauren Stovern

Marketing Coordinator

Lauren is a Marketing Coordinator at Evolving Solutions and joined the company in 2019. Connect with Lauren on LinkedIn.

Photo of Lauren Stovern

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